About Cinzia

Disability & Injury Management

My 18 years of Claims Adjudication and Instruction at ICBC coupled with my 3 years of being a Disability Management Advisor at Interior Health, really demonstrated to me that people lack the proper guidance and direction when dealing with their injury. Too often the injured party is given limited directions with no roadmap to reach their destination. This often leaves an injured person to feel lost and confused on what to do next. Having experienced  both sides, both personally and professionally, I can help guide you through the process so that you feel in charge of your recovery. 

I am able to provide guidance and direction to individuals who are off work or struggling at work due to an injury or illness. I able to help navigate the sick and/or disability process so that a person knows what to do, how to do it and what happens next. I am also able to work closely with employers/managers, HR, and the medical community to coorindate return to work and/or stay at work options.

With extensive experience in dealing with ICBC, WorkSafeBC, extended health providers,  Unions, Human Resources, Labor Relations and employers, I can assist by providing clarity through the fog.  My goal is to educate, encourage, and most importantly, steer a person in the right direction during their journey to health and wellness. 

Additionally, I am also able to help law firms with any litigation support services. I am available per hour or on a contract basis.

Please note I do not provide legal services or advice.


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