Dylan - Kelowna, BC

Two years ago I had an unfortunate accident playing in a professional hockey game where I broke my fibula and tore all of the ligaments in my ankle. Surgery resulted in a plate with seven screws along my fibula and a cable holding my ankle in place.  I was 100% non-weight bearing for 3 months. Nine months post-surgery, I contracted a staff infection and I was forced into a second surgery to remove the hardware (plates and screws). This meant more time off of my leg. Finally, after starting physical activity again at the 15 month mark, my wife and I were rear ended deeming our vehicle a write-off. I thought at that point with so many elements playing against me, that I would never get back to my passion of playing hockey at a professional level. I was depressed. 

After the car accident, it wasn't until 6 months of countless hours of massage and physiotherapy, while still in constant pain, did I meet James. I knew instantly that he was what I needed. He took one look at me and gave me the push I needed in the right direction. He helped me believe in myself again, a feeling I had known and forgotten. Through 8 weeks of detailed and personalized training sessions with James, I am blessed to say that I am happy and healthy today. I recently signed a hockey contract and I'm back playing professionally again. 

I can't thank James enough for everything he’s done, even though he refuses to take any credit and insists that I was the one putting in all the hard work. I consider myself very privileged to have met James at such a critical time in my life as it has resulted in what I hope to be a very long mentorship and friendship. If anyone reading this can relate to, and is lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with James Wendland, my advice would be: don't hesitate and you won't regret it! 

Melissa - Kelowna, BC

I was in a minor car accident two years ago that caused instability and chronic back pain.  I saw chiropractors, physiotherapists, RMTs, and pelvic floor specialists.  None of them were able to fully support me in getting my stability back and some even said they were at the end of the road in terms of being able to help me.   Before my accident I enjoyed running half-marathons and was a yoga enthusiast.  Whenever I would try to participate in these activities again, I would experience significant pain that required intense physical rehabilitation not only in my back, but all over my body.  Rehab exercises from my the practitioners were ineffective in helping alleviate this pain and in correcting my instability. I began to feel helpless and started to accept that I would never be able to use my body the way I used to on a day to day basis or fully participate in physical activities I enjoyed again.  I started seeing James in December and his coaching, expertise, and support have brought me to a place where my body is feeling more and more stable every day.  He worked with me as a whole person, not just with my injury.  His humour and deep understanding about how the body works and reacts has helped me to develop confidence in myself and my body again, which I honestly never expected would happen.  Thanks to James, I have renewed hope that will feel I have control of my body again, reduce my chronic pain, and get back to the active lifestyle I once enjoyed.  

Patricia - Vancouver, BC

"Eleven years ago I had a life altering ski accident, resulting in a "tib fib plateau fracture." The first surgery required a nine inch rod and many screws. Unfortunately, the tibial plateau could not support me and collapsed inward. I needed a G2 brace. Then, the following year the second surgery involved a transplant of the tibial plateau and meniscus from  a human donor. Both surgeries left me non-weight bearing for several months.

In the midst of this pain, fear and disability, James taught me to walk again, twice. He used his superior skills as a kinesiologist ​to teach me what was going on with my body and how best to heal properly. Then he worked with me to exercise and train my body to walk with dignity. His skills are a given. His compassion and humour were the other gifts that kept me coming back. Today, I can even walk in heals again. I walk with confidence, I hike and bike with shear joy, I have even been on a ski hill again, once. No more nightmares. If you are fortunate enough to work with James, it will be a most gratifying experience.

Kendra - CapilanoU - North Vancouver, BC

"I had the pleasure of being taught by James at Capilano University from 2008-2010. He was an enthusiastic and thorough teacher, that always made himself available to help clarify a concept or help with any questions you might have had. He was very organized and always provided enough information that didn’t leave you confused in any way.  

James was very passionate about exercise and always conveyed how strongly he enjoyed what he did. You could tell through his teaching style how much he cared about his profession and how he wanted to spread that passion to as many people that he could. Some of the courses he covered were injury management, strength and conditioning, and exercise prescription.  

James has a great rapport with his students that came from all levels and ages. His ability to connect with his students and teach to the level that they needed was seen and appreciated. He always brought a positive attitude and great initiative.   

Client Success Story

Two years ago, this professional hockey player broke his fibula and tore all of his ligaments in his ankle.  He underwent two surgeries and lots of physical therapy. Just when things were starting to look up, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and the hope of ever playing professional hockey was looking bleaker. Six months of countless hours of physical therapy and still in pain, he was referred to James Wendland. The rest is history. (see above testimonial).