How we are able to assist

  • Comprehensive Disability Management: whether from a motor vehicle injury, work related incident or off work due to other illness, we can devise RTW plans, assist with return to work planning, coordinate services with the employer and provide case management services.
  • Kinesiology or active rehabilitation treatment plans. 
  • Customized exercise program with a functional training approach. 
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and Ergonomic Assessments.
  • Elite athlete performance - Some of our past and current sport experience is with hockey, rugby, football, snowboarding, skiing, rowing, cycling and volleyball. Our experience ranges from youth to adult, whether novice or olympic level.
  • Non-evasive Shockwave Therapy treatments with our brand new "Storz" MP200 unit. It is geared to ones that have persistent pain with musculoskeletal conditions and/or loss of mobility. Proven results. Check out Shockwave Canada site
  • Corporate health programs
  • Office lunch & learn workshops

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